See Tim Curry Act Stuffy, Laverne Cox Continue to Scintillate, and the New ‘Rocky Horror’ Continue to Look Like the Old ‘Rocky Horror’ in Trailer


The first trailer for Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show remake teased audiences by retreading some familiar territory from the first, and then by momentarily introducing Laverne Cox’s take on Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the character famously played by Tim Curry in the original. In that teaser, we saw Brad and Janet cautiously walking up to the imposing mansion where all sorts of salacious fun and doom would soon befall them, we saw the door creaking open, and we saw Riff-Raff (this time played by Penny Dreadful‘s Reeve Carney, but seemingly costumed and performing in much the same manner as Richard O’Brien) give them a very foreboding welcome. It all looked fun enough, and any platform centrally starring Laverne Cox (especially since her role on OITNB has become quite supporting) is cause for excitement, but it also looked unnecessarily similar to the original.

In the new trailer, posted on the film’s Facebook page, we get a more thorough (as it’s 30 seconds longer) look at the “new” vision for Rocky Horror — which still looks very much to be pure homage to the original. One thing that’s revealed is that the film seems formatted as a film-within-a-film, referencing how Rocky Horror became the midnight movie phenomenon it is today; the new version is depicted playing in an old movie theater as audience members sing along and shout out famous quotes. Tim Curry’s stuffy narrator character was also revealed.

The team behind the film — including executive producers Lou Adler, Gail Berman and High School Musical‘s Kenny Ortega (who also directed the Rocky Horror remake) and cast-members Victoria Justice (Janet), Ryan McCartan (Brad), Christina Milian (Magenta) and Reeve Carney — participated in a panel just yesterday at San Diego Comic Con for the film, where the new trailer was shown.


[Via Vulture]