Watch Céline Dion Sport a Makeshift Wig and Sing “Hush, Little Baby” as Sia


Sometimes Jimmy Fallon’s dizzying virality imaginarium of a late night show results in something genuinely amusing rather than just clickable; one thing that can be said is that he’s pretty excellent at applying the specific talents of his guests to the viral video format, and last night he brought on Céline Dion to play one of The [New] Tonight Show‘s usual games — to very impressive results.

She sat down to play the Wheel of Musical Impressions and proved her capacity to be just about any other pop star. The prompts she was given included singing “Frère Jacques” as Cher, “Row Row Row Your Boat” as Rihanna, “Hush, Little Baby” as Sia, and more. Perhaps it’s her usage of props and styling (a stuffed animal as a wig), but her Sia impersonation is particularly spot-on.