‘Twin Peaks’ Star Ray Wise Says David Lynch Will Direct All 18 Episodes of the Series Revival


As news trickles out from Hall H at Comic-Con, one bite seems tastier than the others — best consumed with cherry pie and coffee. News has surfaced about the Twin Peaks revival that is set to air on Showtime.

During a panel for Batman: The Killing Joke, in which actor Ray Wise voices the part of Commissioner James Gordon, the star who portrayed Leland Palmer in the original Twin Peaks series offered an update about the surreal show. Wise indicated that the revival would air on Showtime in the summer of 2017. Indiewire states that time has not been confirmed by the network.

In bigger news, Wise stated that all 18 episodes will be directed by Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch (which matches the number of eps on IMDb) and that Wise would appear in all of the episodes.

In the original series that aired between 1990 and 1991, Wise’s character Leland Palmer, Laura Palmer’s father, suffers a nervous breakdown during the investigation into the disappearance of his daughter. The actor will be joined by some of the original stars from the show, and plenty of new faces for a cast list numbering 217.

Get excited about Twin Peaks all over again by watching the series teaser, below.