Tough Guy Wields Gun Following Child’s Seat-Kicking Incident at ‘Star Trek’ Screening


So did you see Star Trek Beyond this weekend? Did you enjoy it? If not, well, it could’ve been worse – you could’ve been at the theater in Paducah, Kentucky, where an argument over a child kicking a seat turned into an armed confrontation. Happy Monday!

The Paducah PD Facebook page (h/t to THR ) reported Saturday that they will seek charges against an unnamed man who reportedly pulled the gun during a Saturday morning screening of the new Star Trek.

“A man told [Officer Dana] Davie that he and his son were sitting behind another man, and the son was kicking the back of the man’s seat,” the post reads. “Witnesses said the man got up and cursed the youth, asking if he was going to continue kicking his seat. The boy’s father interceded and a fight broke out between the two men. As the father got the upper hand in the fight, witnesses said, the other man pulled a gun and said, ‘What the (expletive) are you going to do now.'”

(Is this one of those “good guys with guns” we’re always hearing about?)

Paducah police present their investigation to the McCracken County Attorney’s office today. And even if he doesn’t go to jail, he’s already received one stern bit of punishment: the Cinemark chain, which owns the theater in question, has banned the gunslinger from their properties.