Watch Samantha Bee Sum Up the RNC With One Primal Scream


Full Frontal titled its RNC wrap-up segment “GÖP-erdämmerung” — a play on the 19th century Wagner opera Götterdämmerung, which refers to a prophecy in Norse mythology that predicts a war between factions that results in the entire world going up in flames before being submerged in water and born anew. That image captures the spirit of the Republican National Convention a little too well.

In the clip, Bee sums up the convention (located in “Cleveland’s Wrong Side of History Arena”) as “Inspirational calls for trial-by-mob, capped off by a reasonable hour-and-fifteen-minute speech about imposing martial law.” But we don’t need words to recap the RNC; one primal scream says it all.

“Fuck morning in America,” Bee says, referring to Reagan’s famous 1984 campaign ad. “It’s the middle of the night in America, and someone’s kicking in your door, oh and also, Hillary took your guns away.”

Bee also tears into the convention’s “endless parade of fear-fluffers” and compares Trump’s speech to Nixon’s 1968 RNC speech, which Trump intentionally channeled in his “fear thy neighbor” message. But don’t worry, she says — a Trump presidency wouldn’t be like a Nixon one, because “Nixon got 15 percent of the black vote!”