Paul Feig’s Next Project Is a Movie About Supermodels Stuck in a “Snowpocalypse” in the ’70s


Variety has announced that Bridesmaids/Ghostbusters director Paul Feig’s next project — beyond fighting Twitter trolls — will be a movie based on the Elle article “Supermodel Snowpocalypse” (full title: “This Drug-Fueled, Multimillion-Dollar Supermodel Snowpocalypse has Been Fashion’s Best-Kept Secret Since ’77.”)

According to those in the know, Feig is producing (via his Feigco banner, alongside his partner Jessie Henderson) but unfortunately doesn’t plan to direct the film.

The article by Mickey Rapkin, released in February of this year, followed a bunch of American fashion industry folks to a shoot at a Chilean ski resort, where a forceful snowstorm ultimately hit, stranding them at the resort for a week with nothing but sex, drugs, gambling, disco and the other wealthy resort-goers (who were becoming increasingly “hysterical” as the storm started to seem more and more like an emergency situation and as the only visible escape route became a second floor window) to keep them busy. Ultimately, they put together an escape plan — that covertly involved the Chilean military.