Karen Grisham Pulled Some Strings: Maria Bamford’s ‘Lady Dynamite’ Renewed by Netflix


It happened! The world finally gets Maria Bamford’s sense of humor as much as you do! Or at least the people making decisions at Netflix do, which is really all that matters. For according to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming service has renewed the heartfelt yet absurdist comedy — wherein charmingly philosophical pugs speak in German accents and every Type-A woman is named Karen Grisham and comedians can magically transform into sheep and talent agents can get whatever they want by frantically singing, “Cradle the balls and work the shaft” — for a second season. Nothing is known yet about the second season, but my biggest hope is that they’ll be introducing even more Karen Grishams.

The show, created by Pam Brady and Mitch Hurwitz for Maria Bamford (and with her help, and the help of many of her standup routines and, of course, her personal history) was renewed alongside Chelsea Handler’s Chelsea and Rob Schneider’s Real Rob. Incidentally, Hurwitz’ Netflix-based Arrested Development continuation could also soon be getting an order for another season soon.