Shonda Rhimes Made the Video That’ll Introduce Hillary Clinton at the DNC Tonight


Some of the DNC’s video #content has been a bit…feeble. Of course, this is a partisan convention in a crucial and scary election, so it’s not like anyone can or even should expect anything artistically innovative or transgressive, cause that’s certainly not the point at all — but from a viewing perspective, some of it has been just…so…bad. From the “Fight Song” (whose message is unimpeachably great, but whose everything else was pretty not-great) to some of the videos introducing speakers — which have often looked like someone googled “condescendingly vague inspiration video” in a stock footage library — it’d be so preferable if some of the entertainment and video content were replaced with, say, more time for discussions of policy!

But there’s a glimmer of hope for something better as far as introducing Hillary tonight goes: since obviously these videos are part of the formula, it’s at least pretty awesome that, as the Hollywood Reporter announced, Hillary’s has been produced by none other than Shonda Rhimes, creator of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, and, of course, the Shonda of ShondaLand. Betsy Beers, Rhimes’ frequent co-producer, also worked on the video, which will run 12 minutes, and will feature narration masterful Narrator of Important Things, Morgan Freeman. (If voice of the RNC presidential candidate introduction video — Jon Voight — and the voice of the DNC presidential candidate introduction video were running against each other, I think it’s pretty clear Freeman’s voice would win, given that, again, he is the Narrator of Important Things, and, you know, given that his voice doesn’t support Donald Trump.)

THR writes that the video will feature interviews with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s childhood friend, and a September 11 survivor and first responder.

Rhimes said in a statement:

It is an honor to provide America with an intimate portrait of Hillary. Everyone already knows the powerhouse — now, with this piece, everyone will also get to know the person.