Canadian Band Meet Drake’s Dad, Write Song About It Called “Drake’s Dad,” Make Video Featuring… Drake’s Dad


If you’ve written a song about Drake’s dad, inspired by the real-life experience of hanging out with Drake’s dad, then who better to appear in the video for the song in question than… Drake’s dad?

Because we live in a magical world and America is the land of opportunity and dreams really do come true, at least for Canadian tourists, Ontario-based five-piece Arkells have managed to engineer exactly this unlikely scenario. According to Pitchfork, the band’s singer Max Kerman happened to meet Dennis Graham, father of one Aubrey Drake Graham, in a bar in Memphis last summer, and after sinking a bunch of beers with the elder Graham, decided to immortalize the occasion in music.

The resultant song, entitled, er, “Drake’s Dad,” is the lead single from Arkells’ upcoming album Morning Report, and the video — which was released today — features, yep, Drake’s dad. The song isn’t actually, y’know, very good, but that’s rather beside the point, right?