Watch Starchild and the New Romantic’s Self-Directed Music Video for His Cover of Porches’ “Mood”


Bryndon Cook, aka Starchild and the New Romantic, recently released his cover of Porches’ “Mood,” infusing the song with the deeply 80s R&B-influenced sound heard on his 2016 LP, Crucial. Today, the musician — who was already touring with Solange and Blood Orange when he was in college — shared a self-directed music video of the song, which sees him being questioned by an off-screen interviewer, who notes, “Your fans seem to think that all your music is written about one person in particular,” then asks, “If that person were here right now, what would you want to say to them?” After a long pause, the song becomes the response, and the range of expression provided by music is likewise implied in the shift from B&W to color in the video.

Starchild described his vision for the video as “kind of like a dream sequence in a black John Hughes film.”


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