David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” Gets Performed by 1,000 People, Surprisingly Doesn’t Sound Like a Giant Mess


Earlier today, you may have caught a video of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” being covered by 1,000 people; and now, that same 1,000 people can be seen covering David Bowie’s hit Diamond Dogs track, “Rebel Rebel.” The Rockin’1000, an Italian volunteer-base band — which claims (and it’s hard to think of another example to repudiate the claim) to be the biggest rock band in the world — performed this weekend in Cesena, Italy, and while the videos of the performances may seem like something that could only come out of a time where we prize quickly and mindlessly impressive things (like, you know, Pizza Rat or Pea Guacamole or Humongous Band), it’s undeniable that it is wholly impressive. (And, at 8 minutes long, it’s not even that quick!)

Watch the video, and marvel at the fact that this doesn’t sound like a total mess:

[Via Fact]