The 10 Best Showbiz References in ‘Difficult People’ Season 2, Episode 5


In Difficult People, the Hulu original series created by Julie Klausner — who stars alongside Billy Eichner — Julie and Billy play a couple of jaded New York City comedians who worship at the altar of celebrity. The show’s bread and butter are its biting allusions to the business we call show. We’ve compiled the 10 best showbiz references from the fifth episode of Season 2, streaming on Hulu as of today.

Season 2, Episode 5: “Patches”

1. “Right now they are working on a sponsored post for Showtime, which is called ‘Six Things to Look Forward to on Showtime This Year.’” — Abby Elliott, as the editor of “Buzzlist” “They found six things?” – Julie “Yeah, apparently Ray Donovan is getting a new hat, and they’ve begun a casting search for a companion series to The Affair.” — Abby Elliott “I’m gonna make a list of eight shows I’m never gonna watch, and all eight are The Affair.” – Billy “I love how that show is so well-written and yet it manages to be so boring.” – Julie “Cable providers should change their name to ‘Let’s Waste Mare Winningham.’” – Billy

2. “Stop acting all cranky like Martin Sheen being forced to play a gay guy on that show!” – Julie “This isn’t a joke, Julie! And you know what? Neither is Grace and Frankie! You could learn something from that show, it has a lot of heart!” – Arthur (James Urbaniak)

3. “Tourism Connecticut has commissioned a list of the nine most disgusting things in New York City, go.” — Abby Elliott “Hot dog water.” – Julie “Mario Batali’s scooter seat.” – Billy

4. “I’m actually kind of freaked out because doing that accent I did in the audition was harder than I thought. I’m just worried that now that I have the part I’m gonna do my Australian accent when I’m not on camera and my Australian-pretending-to-be-American accent on camera, and I’m just gonna fuck up and give myself away.” – Julie “Not even Cate Blanchett could keep track of that.” – Billy

5. “Between the clinging and clanging of pots and pans and the incessant howling all night, it was like listening to Rachel Ray have an orgasm.” – Billy

6. “You know about jackals?” – Billy “Yeah, they used to be called hyenas. And then there was some consensus about not wanting to muddy the association with Whoopi Goldberg’s role in The Lion King.” – Marilyn (Andrea Martin) “That makes sense.” – Billy “I treat a lot of gay men in my practice, that’s all they can talk about. Well, that and how Ryan Murphy even managed to ruin Matt Bomer’s ass and Lady Gaga.” – Marilyn “Well, with Lady Gaga she didn’t need much of a push.” – Billy

7. “Come downstairs and let’s put on some VHS tapes of old Jenny Jones shows and then we can laugh at her hair and dumb questions. We can make s’mores and hot cocoa!” – Marilyn “I feel like a Gilmore Girl.” – Billy

8. “My name is Abby and I work for Showtime.” – Abby (Ilfenesh Hadera) “Nobody’s perfect!” – Julie “You are a pistol. Listen, I never come to set to meet actresses, ever since Claire Danes threw chili at me in Islamabad, but I had to meet you.” – Abby

9. “The Upper West Side? That’s the most boring, milquetoast neighborhood in Manhattan. That’s the Drake of zip codes.” – Nate (Derrick Baskin)

10. “I have to go to a TV press event dinner tonight and I can’t decide which Peter Pan-collared baby-doll dress to shove my 46-year-old body into.” – Abby Elliott