Netflix Shares Teaser and Release Date for Their Christopher Guest Mockumentary About Sports Mascots


Netflix announced nearly a full year ago that the streaming service would be the home to Christopher Guests’ long-awaited next mockumentary — and today they shared the release date via a teaser trailer and key art. Back in August of 2015, they’d tweeted, “A group of ‘unusual’ men and women with big heads and furry suits? We’re in,” and despite some of Guests’ most recent work not having lived up to the mightiness of A Mighty Wind or the best-ness of Best in Show, there was little reason not to be immediately and enthusiastically “in” as well, especially given the subject matter — a worldwide competition for sports mascots.

Mascots, which sees Guest re-teaming with Jennifer Coolidge, Jane Lynch, Bob Balaban, Parker Posey, Ed Begley, Jr., Chris O’Dowd and John Michael Higgins, will premiere on Netflix everywhere on October 13. The hirsute and/or bobble-headed monsters were not revealed in the teaser — which just features a revolving “Golden Fluffy” (the statuette one earns for winning the competition) — but the key art gives a good idea of what’s to come:

Watch the teaser:

[Via Collider]