Watch Philippe Starck’s British Reality TV Show


Attention design geeks: Our friends over at Unbeige tipped us off to the fact that some kind, British soul has uploaded all six episodes of famed product designer Philippe Starck’s reality show, Design for Life, for your viewing pleasure. While the opening credits are a tad aggressive, the premise is pure fun: 12 contestants from the UK are competing a six month stint at Starck’s Paris design agency. And if his first quip is any indication — “I am a type of new bottle opener, I am a sort of door just to open your brain.” — the superstar will provide plenty of odd, quotable moments throughout.

As a Core77 review of the show points out, “Design for Life isn’t perfect. It has its chest pounding moments — chief among them a long but only casually developed thread about sustainability that never goes anywhere — but Design for Life makes one thing abundantly clear: Starck (now 60) is the closest thing to the Beatles design has ever had, and in the increasingly fractious world of the web, the closest it may ever have.”

Watch all six episodes before they’re taken down after the jump.