Snapchat Makes Filters for the Eternity Spent Waiting for the Frank Ocean Album


Despite the assertion of the title of the upcoming (?) Frank Ocean album, boys do cry. At least, they do when an album that’s been teased interminably, that’s sparked fervor and false hope from an enthusiastic fandom at the dropping of any hint, seems to be holding out to the last minute even on the alleged day of its official release. Yesterday, on the eve of the “release,” Time captured the climate of excitement, anticipation and skepticism across social media, perhaps best summed up in GIF of Meryl Streep delivering her final line in Doubt.

Snapchat likewise capitalized on the cultural moment (or anti-moment, but hopefully not), adding two new filters to their bank of prefab personalizations. The Independent notes that it’s unknown whether these filters — which speak directly to the long wait — were or weren’t sponsored by any party related to the album’s release. At this point, making people wait is pretty on-brand, so it wouldn’t be implausible for, say, Ocean himself to self-deprecatingly draw on how this album experienced from proverbial watched pot syndrome, and how the wait itself has become an inextricable (though not necessarily negative — being forced to exercise patience is not bad… per se!) part of whatever potential greatness lies in Boys Don’t Cry.

Check out the filters: