Proof That Andy Warhol Was More Fun Than You


Happy birthday to pop-art icon and avant-garde filmmaker Andy Warhol who would have turned 88 today. The Pittsburgh-born artist who created a bohemian-meets-celebrity culture in New York City during the 1960s and early 1970s got more use out of his 15 minutes of fame than anyone in the world — and there are plenty of pictures that captured it all. Warhol has a reputation as a shy observer, but there’s still proof that the artist was a hell of a lot of fun — and definitely more fun than all of us combined.

Climbing out of sewers with the beautiful people.

Being the Robin to Nico’s Batman.

Eating hot dogs like a champion.

Really feeling the flowers.

Boozing with the rich and famous.

Hoarding all the soup cans.

Riding in style with Grace Jones.

Boopin’ his own clown nose.

Dancing with tinfoil hats.

Gleefully taking snaps.

Chatting with Hitch.

Partying with dogs.

Loving on pooches.

Letting this Pug steal his thunder.

Creating dance diagrams.

Looking fabulous with Divine.

Poking fun at his own mortality.

Doing drag.

Doing more drag.

Sporting this static-y (birthday) balloon hair.