Watch: Cate Blanchett Stars as an Eroding Stone in Video for Massive Attack’s Hope Sandoval-Sung Track


Massive Attack’s “The Spoils” was released July 26, and was already noteworthy a. because much of Massive Attack’s new work has been compelling, b. because it featured the wonderfully soporific vocals of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, and c. because its icy, distant love story is far more than a mere reunion of ’90s greats. (Though the chilled yet emotive strings certainly nod towards ’90s electropop/trip hop trends.)

Now, Cate Blanchett’s been added to the collaboration, and this thing is (or should be) unstoppable. Especially since — after a few hours of unavailability to U.S. viewers ‚ it seems to be up and running on Vevo, and can be watched below.

Here, you’ll behold a John Hillcoat (The Road) directed depiction of Cate Blanchett’s face slowly becoming a stone and eroding. I’d say it’s her third most impressive performance following Carol and this commercial for Australian cookies. It also achieves unsettlement a bit less dramatically than the band’s “Voodoo in My Blood,” video, in Rosamund Pike gets possessed by a sentient orb.


[Via NME]