The 10 Best Showbiz References in ‘Difficult People’ Season 2, Episode 6


In Difficult People, the Hulu original series created by Julie Klausner — who stars alongside Billy Eichner — Julie and Billy play a couple of jaded New York City comedians who worship at the altar of celebrity. The show’s bread and butter are its biting allusions to the business we call show. We’ve compiled the 10 best showbiz references from the sixth episode of Season 2, streaming on Hulu as of today.

Season 2, Episode 6: “36 Candles”

1. “PBS, you’re gonna lose this game like you lost Sesame Street. Suck this American dick!” – NPR basketball team member

2. “What was the worst birthday you ever had?” – Billy “That’s like asking me which Bill Lawrence show do I find the most contrived — it’s a tie for last.” – Julie

3. “Hey, do you guys want to get some dinner? I think Giuliana Rancic’s new restaurant is nearby. They serve ice, water, steam, and rain.” – Billy “Oh my god, I wish. I have to go home and recap T.I. and Tiny: A Family Affair, although I might end up just splitting the difference and putting my head in the oven.” – Julie

4. “Even if we meet and it is a disaster, he won’t be hanging around a long time to remind me it’s a disaster, the way you sometimes still see posters for that movie Burnt.” – Billy

5. “You make me want to forgive Eddie Murphy for everything he’s ever said.” – Billy to Matthew (Cole Escola)

6. “I am so sorry, but it’s gonna be a little while longer. Chloe Sevigny rented out all the treatment rooms and is taking longer than expected” – spa employee “Why does she need all the rooms?” – Julie “Oh, she’s treating the whole cast of American Horror Story: Hotel to a wrap gift. It’s for their PTSD” – spa employee “Is Gaga here?” – Marilyn (Andrea Martin) “Oh, I’m afraid not. She was supposed to be on tour with Tony Bennett but she’s being detained in China for elder abuse.” – spa employee

7. “I can’t be myself. I don’t know how to be with a guy and connect with his family, I don’t know how to do that.” – Billy “What if you Sharon Stone it?” – Julie “Sharon Stoning it, yes!” – Billy “Remember what she said: If you’re having a hard time acting an emotion, just make the facial expression and the emotion will follow.”– Julie “There’s a reason she’s in Mensa.” – Billy “She was never in Mensa.” – Julie “I know. But she said she was in Mensa, so she should be in Mensa.” – Billy “I love her.” – Julie “I’ll go in there and make my face look like I’m enjoying something painful until I’m actually having a good time” – Billy “I bet that’s how she got through Basic Instinct 2.” – Julie

8. “Are you ready for the worst night of theater since Bruce Willis wore an earpiece in Misery and still forgot all his lines?” – Billy

9. “If I wanted to be with a bro I would have blown Doug Ellin in the bathroom at the Standard the night Billy and I crashed that Entourage party.” – Julie

10. “What’s happening? Down’s up, cats are dogs, what, Patti LuPone suddenly doesn’t hate Bernadette Peters?” – Matthew “Hey, I assure you, Patti still really fucking hates Bernadette Peters.” – Denise (Gabourey Sidibe)