Bon Iver to Play Their Not-Yet-Released Follow-Up to 2011’s ‘Bon Iver’ Live on Friday


People will apparently soon know what the anticipated upcoming Bon Iver album sounds like. Or at least those in attendance at the Eaux Claires Festival (founded by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and the National’s Aaron Dessner) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, followed of course by whoever decides to watch low-quality clips online, will soon know.

Pitchfork reports that Bon Iver will be premiering the album live this Friday, so whoever already has tickets, or whoever can shell out $90 and plan an impromptu trip to Wisconsin, is in for the opportunity to seemingly hear the first complete set of songs from the band since their self-titled 2011 album.

Little is known about the follow-up to Bon Iver, and neither a release date nor a title have been shared. It is clear, however, that in their absence Bon Iver have picked up on the trend of pre-release social media crypticness, as they’ve been sharing Instagram posts like:

A mural has also appeared in Brooklyn surrounding the announcement of the live premiere this Friday. Stereogum spotted it, and speculated that 22 Days, which appears both on the mural and on the band’s Instagram bio, could be the album’s title:

In July, the band shared this video: