No Big Surprises Here: Marilyn Manson Eats a Leech in ‘Salem’ Season 3 Teaser


WGN’s Salem recently teased Marilyn Manson’s upcoming role in the series’ third season as Thomas Dinley, a barber/surgeon. Though odd, devilish things are happening in Salem, this type of multitasking doesn’t actually sound that abnormal. What does seem abnormal is yet opportunity to see Marilyn Manson out of Marilyn Manson-y garb/character; no matter how often it happens — as on Sons of Anarchy or Eastbound and Down — it’s always strikingly strange.

However, that feeling of dissociation you may get won’t last. Manson will get a chance to be creepy — very creepy. And in the trailer alone, normal-17th-century Manson soon turns into leech-eating 17th-century Manson. The character, as Diffuser points out, was described in a press release as Salem’s “go-to man” who residents…go to for everything “from a shave and a haircut to being leeched, bled, sliced open or sewn up.” And it just so turns out that the shave and a haircut could lead to the latter items on that list: “He’s Vidal Sassoon and Jack the Ripper,” series creator Brannon Braga told EW. He’s allegedly something of a He also happens to be in cahoots with the devil, in an attempt to create “hell on earth.”

Season 3 begins November 2.