Watch: Rachel Weisz Leads “a Thousand Lives” in ‘Complete Unknown’ Trailer


A movie starring Michael Shannon and Rachel Weisz automatically sounds intriguing, but a new film, Complete Unknown, will — even better — star Michael Shannon and many Rachel Weiszes. Or, at least, one Rachel Weisz playing a woman playing many different people. IFC and Amazon Studios have shared the chilling first trailer for Maria Full of Grace director Joshua Marston’s new suspenseful identity drama, which will be released on August 26.

The film sees former lovers Jenny and Tom (Rachel and Michael, respectively) meeting up again after many years — and, for one of them, after many identities. Tom is in the middle of a very serious relationship with his girlfriend, but meeting Jenny — and becoming familiarized with her penchant for reinvention — seems (from the trailer) to shake things in Tom’s formerly sturdy existence to their core.

The film co-stars Danny Glover and Kathy Bates. Watch the trailer:

[Via Indiewire]