Oops! Britney Can’t Stop “Bumping Into You” in Just-Released “Clumsy”


Britney Spears “Oops I Did it Again” famously featured the singer using the onomatopoeia of clumsiness and mistake-making to express annoyance with having “played with [someone’s] heart” and “got lost in the game” — ooh baby, baby. Now, on “Clumsy,” Spears similarly sings lyrics of romance/sex that could also be about knocking over a carton of milk. (And the song even features a small, recollective “Oops!”) The just-released track is off her upcoming album, Glory.

It is, not that it’s saying much, her first dance single in a while, following the two slower first singles from Glory. It’s not quite “Work Bitch” as far as campy attempts at gay-icon-status (not that she needs the boost) go, but it certainly has the appeal of being at once danceable and a little ridiculous. Here, croaking, stifled, fragmentary synths dance while a rhythm claps itself into existence, until an “oops” cues a drop, and Spears sings of “bumping into you” and “Bangin’ all over this bedroom.”

The album will be out on August 26. Until then, here’s “Clumsy”:

[Via EW]