Watch Brooklynites Buy Pot, Talk Pot, Smoke Pot in ‘High Maintenance’ Trailer


Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld’s High Maintenance is, did you know, a show about marijuana. In the new trailer for the show about marijuana, there is a lot of purchasing of marijuana, smoking of marijuana, and discussion of purchasing and smoking marijuana. But High Maintenance’s strongest quality has always been the way it uses weed as a trojan horse to infiltrate the odd personal lives of a bounty of Brooklynite characters. The new trailer for the HBO iteration of the former web-series suggests it has maintained its usage of weed as a catalyst for fast, surprising intimacies and lovely, oddball snapshots of individuals. It also features Sinclair’s The Guy — the show’s central, unnamed weed deliveryman — grudgingly contemplating moving in case Trump wins. So who knows, if such a horrible thing were to come to pass, perhaps the next season could take place in, say, the Brooklyn of some distant island — or, to play it safe, the Brooklyn of an entirely different planet.

The six-episode (all written by Blichfeld and Sinclair) season of the series will hit HBO on September 16. Watch the trailer: