Charming Handmade Paper Emojis That Will Give You Heart Eyes


Graphic designer and paper sculptress extraordinaire Kashia Kennedy has embarked on a project that will make you feel all tiny pink hearts, lightning bolts, and heart eyes emojis. The artist contributed her own #arteveryday hashtag on Instagram after noticing other creators sharing 100-days-of projects on the social network. That’s when #emojieveryday was born. “Sometimes they are requests, often I’m in a mood to do something really finicky and measured (like the school bus or floppy disc),” Kennedy told Yen Magazine in an interview. “Other times I want to freestyle and draw up an intricate template (like the squirrel, or the unicorn). Sometimes I’ve forgotten to do one for the next day and it’s midnight, so I choose a simple one!” Take a closer look at the charming, handmade details of Kennedy’s cut-paper emojis in our gallery.