Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and ‘Silicon Valley’s’ Sonny Lee Are Making a Comedy Series About the Singularity


Seth Rogen is re-teaming with his Preacher co-creator Evan Goldberg to executive produce a new comedy pilot about the singularity for FX. Because there aren’t many other comedy series about the singularity yet, this one gets the privilege of being called, wait for it, Singularity. The series will be penned by Silicon Valley writer Sonny Lee (who’ll also serve as an EP). Lee came up with the idea and brought on Rogen and Goldberg because, according to Deadline, he was looking f0r something tonally akin to This Is the End.

Little is known about the series, beyond that it’s set in a future where the singularity — or, essentially, artificial intelligence rapidly accelerating and bypassing human intelligence and therein potentially changing the fabric of society — has occurred.

This isn’t the only futuristic half-hour comedy series Rogen and Goldberg are working on. In fact, another almost seems like it could be its pre and/or sequel (depending on how linearly you consider time): they’re also executive producing (and for this other one, directing) Future Man, about a janitor (played by Josh Hutcherson) at a research center for STDs who leads a double life as a skilled gamer, and who’s enlisted to prevent the overtaking of society by beings from the future.