The 10 Best Showbiz References in ‘Difficult People’ Season 2, Episode 7


In Difficult People, the Hulu original series created by Julie Klausner — who stars alongside Billy Eichner — Julie and Billy play a couple of jaded New York City comedians who worship at the altar of celebrity. The show’s bread and butter are its biting allusions to the business we call show. We’ve compiled the 10 best showbiz references from the seventh episode of Season 2, streaming on Hulu as of today.

Season 2, Episode 7: “Carter”

1. “Remember on Real Housewives when Aviva Drescher threw her leg at Le Cirque?” – Billy “I wonder if they got to keep that leg. What if it’s attached to their restroom key?” – Julie

2. “I invited you here because I have good news.” – Marilyn (Andrea Martin) “Savannah Guthrie finally found an eye shadow that flatters her.” – Billy “You know, I never knew it was possible for a woman to clash with her own eyelids.” – Julie

3. “A very sweet therapist friend of mine was up for the job and she wanted me to write a recommendation but instead I submitted myself.” – Marilyn “So you Gwyneth Paltrow’d the job right out from under her nose.” – Julie

4. “I am very good at diagnosing people quickly.” – Marilyn “Yes, I am too. As soon as I saw Paula Abdul dancing around with that cartoon cat, I knew that woman would have a problem with pills.” – Billy

5. “Lin and I went to the same elementary school in Inwood. In the fourth grade I presented a book report on Alexander Hamilton and it rhymed. That’s when Lin got the idea. Now he’s onstage every night. That could have been me getting the MacArthur genius grant for making hip-hop accessible to Ben Brantley.” – Nate (Derrick Baskin)

6. “Denise, mama, I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told Tommy Tune and those seven chorus boys: It’s physically impossible to fit all those people in here. But it sure would be fun to try.” – Matthew (Cole Escola)

7. “The only thing more depressing than having a Fringe Festival show is having to cancel a Fringe Festival show.” – Julie

8. “What if we change the subject matter but we keep the material?” – Billy “Are you suggesting that we Weird-Al our own musical? Change the lyrics but leave the melodies intact?” – Julie “Without ever once brushing out our natural curls? Yes.” – Billy “Oh my god, that’s brilliant! So all we have to do is change the Taylor Swift specifics to Jimmy Carter specifics and we’re home free!” – Julie “Yeah, we’ll replace John Mayer with Yasser Arafat.” – Billy

9. “What are you two amateurs doing? We have less than four hours until the show starts and we haven’t even run Amy Carter’s dream ballet.” – Matthew “Speaking of dreams, Matthew, I hope one day yours are crushed.” – Billy “The only thing that’s getting crushed of mine is whatever Mr. Sondheim wants when I’m finally invited to his alleged sex dungeon.” – Matthew

10. “Ok, we can do this. Now we’re just gonna put on our wigs and play make-believe. Just as John Travolta and Kelly Preston say to each other every morning.” – Billy “Yes, but first we pray: Our Father Guido Sarducci who art in Don Novello, thank you for this audience.” – Julie