It Seems That Amy Schumer is Finally Sick of Kurt Metzger’s Attitude Towards Women


As he’s been eager of late to remind anyone who’ll listen, comedian/writer/perpetual teen Kurt Metzger DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK about the (many) critics who have decried his attitude towards women:

He gives so little of a fuck, in fact, that he spent most of last night shouting for hours into the void of Twitter about how much he does not care about liberals, “millennial pussies”, “dense illiterates” and anyone else who thinks that making fun of rape victims is a) a shitty thing to do and b) worse for a “comedian,” not remotely funny. A quick read through Metzger’s apparently endless stream of invective will confirm that, nope, he does not give a fuck. Not one single, half-hearted, entirely consensual fuck. No siree.

His employer, however, apparently feels differently. Metzger would doubtless like to think that he’s notable for something else besides being a writer for Amy Schumer’s show Inside Amy Schumer, but in the real world, he is notable for, um, being a writer for Amy Schumer’s show Inside Amy Schumer, and that’s about it. (Oh, and generally being an asshole to women.) According to Revelist, Schumer allegedly spent most of yesterday blocking people who questioned her decision to employ him, but it seems that she’s finally lost patience with his ongoing temper tantrum:

There’s no word as yet as to what, if any, action Schumer might take to back these words up (like, for instance, ceasing to employ Metzger.) There’s also no response from Metzger himself — his Twitter has been suspiciously quiet today, which suggests either that he’s finally decided to shut up, or perhaps that his long-suffering keyboard has become self-aware and ceased to give a fuck about him. More news as we get it.

UPDATE: Schumer is now saying that Metzger is not, in fact, a writer on her show:

As per IMDb, Metzger is credited as a writer on all 39 of the show’s episodes to date, so presumably this tweet means that he will no longer be a writer going forward. We are reaching out to Schumer’s representatives for clarification.