Season Two of Flight of the Conchords Premieres Online: User Reviews


The second season of Flight of the Conchords premiered yesterday on If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re anything like us, you’re only wondering one thing — is it worth trying to secretly watch this at work without getting caught by my boss? Ah, if only we could just crawl under our desk like George Costanza…

After the jump, we let the “early reviews” speak for themselves with the myriad complaints from the International users — including some really angry people in New Zealand — who couldn’t access the sneak peek weeded out. Their overall consensus in case you’re feeling lazy: higher production values = fewer laughs.

parlophone: I think I only laughed once, very disappointed.

Zness: Look. I know no one reads these comments. But I created an account on this goddamn site to express one futile sentence on this forum and then I’m out. (I can’t believe that I’m going on SpamLists for this post… Ugh.) This episode is not good. It’s bad. The concept of season 2 is not good. It’s bad. Why? Simple. It is ALL PLOT and NO ROCK. I might as well be watching Gary Shandling or Sportsnight. Later Conchords. I’ll miss you dearly. I suppose I will need to find something else to fill the spatially epic entertainment bane of my existence. PS. Kiwis…(You missed nothing but heartbreak tonight.)

verseschaos: wowwwweee bigger budget this season? that epic crane shot on the side of the building, giant toothpaste…awesome. Looks like its filmed with different cameras too..

canaalyce: not my favorite songs not as funny as the songs from season 1 but the episode was great the loved the negotiation… Mel is hilarious as always and dave is just great. I cannot wait till the new season i want to hear the ex girlfriend song.. Oh and east bound down looks amazing danny mcbride is hilarious

bdones: It was very good but the songs weren’t as insanely funny as last season. Still def worth it.

SNLFnatic: lol Demetri Martin with the keytar

roblee: I’m at my desk at work weeping tears of joy for the Conchords return… I need to hug someone.

theskitch6: Not quite as “low budget funny” as they were last season. Still good though. Welcome back guys!