Watch Carly Rae Jepsen Exhilaratingly…Explore Real Estate Options in “Super Natural” Video


The activities generally deemed pop music-video worthy pretty much include dancing, vague sex stuff, more dancing and more vague sex stuff. Everything else is a bit of a gamble, and I certainly wouldn’t guess real estate shopping would even make the Top 100 activities list.

Danny L. Harle and Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Super Natural” may not be about minimum bedroom/bathroom combinations and kitchen islands, but the lyrics “When I’m with you, anywhere, baby it doesn’t matter/I, I just don’t care, what we do, baby it’s so bananas” at least suggest that any banal activity can be rendered exhilarating with a special someone. And so alas, that’s been interpreted in the just-released music video by duo Bradley & Pablo as really exhilarating real estate hunting, in an antiseptic modern home filled with a gaggle of exceedingly healthy individuals making juices and pumping iron, for some reason.

The real estate experience is, in fact, so exhilarating that Jepsen dances down the hallway, and that her hair transforms from a blonde bob to a more unruly red bob.