Watch Mary Elizabeth Winstead Explain Her “Fantasy-Slash-Nightmare” Sex Scene with Michael Moore on ‘BrainDead’


The most recent episode of BrainDead — one of the summer’s most enjoyable new shows, and certainly the kookiest — features a shot-for-shot remake of the sex scene in Eyes Wide Shut. But wait, it gets better: The scene is between Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s protagonist, Laurel, and America’s foremost lefty documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore.

“It’s like a fantasy-slash-nightmare scenario,” Winstead explained on James Corden’s The Late Late Show last night. Her character didn’t actually have sex with Michael Moore, in other words, but another character keeps imagining it. “He was super game,” Winstead said — although she said she felt bad for Moore. “You think it’s gonna be fun to shoot a sex scene, but it’s really not. Two hours into it and we’re both like, sweating.”

“Sounds pretty awesome,” fellow guest Jason Derulo replied.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume it was much less painful for Moore than it was for Winstead.