The Zoë Quinn/Chuck Tingle Video Game Is Really Happening, and It Looks Awesome


It’s weird to witness magic happening between two people you’ve never met but rather admire, ad a couple of months ago on Twitter, Flavorwire hero Chuck Tingle and Depression Quest maker Zoë Quinn got talking about the idea of a Chuck Tingle game — and now, it turns out that, yes, the game is really happening! In an a fascinating and wide-ranging interview with VICE, Quinn talks about Depression Quest, the joys of the excellent 1990s game Star Control 2, her plans for the Tingle game — and yes, also about Gamergate, but let’s not dwell on that, because enough has been written about that particular topic and anyway, the idea of a Chuck Tingle game is more interesting and fun than the Twitter presence of a bunch of sociopathic internet shitlords.

The Tingle game, entitled Project Tingler, is based around the idea of a Tingle dating service, and its style is apparently based on the amusingly bad full-motion video games that arrived with the advent of CD-ROMs in the 1990s. By the looks of it, much of that video is being shot now (or, at least, was whenever the interview was recorded), and the good news is that it features all the gay unicorns and dinosaurs that Tingle fans could ever hope for. There’s no word on whether one’s character can be pounded in the butt by their own butt, but we can only dream of what marvels await us.