Aaron Paul Calls ‘Stranger Things’ “One of the Best Things [He’s] Ever Seen,” Obsesses Some More


If you happened to read the interview Breaking Bad/The Path star Aaron Paul did with Millie Bobby Brown in Elle, you know the actor is a major Stranger Things obsessor — having, for example, told Brown that she’s playing “one of the greatest characters to have ever graced the small screen,” (The interview itself was extremely cute, with Brown reminding Paul that the questions one might ask an older actor — like “Did you always know you could act?” might not apply; Brown, for instance, responded, “No. I never knew, like, exactly what I wanted to do. You know, I’m 12!”)

Paul employed another superlative last night on The Tonight Show when Jimmy Fallon asked him to talk about his love of the show; the moment Fallon mentioned Stranger Things’ name, Paul went into a sort of reverie, and said that it’s “one of the best things [he’s] ever seen.”

The two joked about how the Duffer Brothers sound like “made-up people,” and Fallon also asked Paul how Elle knew he was such a fan and decided to set up the interview between him and Brown, who plays Eleven — the near-wordless character who’s been held captive for years as the subject of odd, porthole-opening science experiments. Paul recalled them having seen his enthusiasm for the show on Twitter:

Paul also expressed his disbelief at how hard it was to get the show made (the Duffer Brothers told Rolling Stone the show was passed around 15 to 20 times by networks), before discussing the actual interview he did with Brown. “I was asked to interview her for Elle Magazine, and I was terrified,” he said. “She’s the best…she was far more articulate than I. My wife and I said we want to adopt her.” (…despite, as Fallon reminds him, that she was with her seemingly perfectly functional family on vacation at the time of the interview.)

Watch Paul obsess: