Adam Scott, Jenny Slate, and Nick Kroll Form a Love Triangle in Trailer for ‘My Blind Brother’


Misunderstandings abound in the slightly cloying new trailer for My Blind Brother, in which Adam Scott and Nick Kroll vie for the affection of Jenny Slate.

Bill (Kroll) is used to being his brother Robbie’s (Scott) right-hand man: Robbie is blind but his athletic prowess outshines Bill’s everyman vibe. Bill has recently met and fallen for Rose (Jenny Slate), and wouldn’t you know it — unaware of their relation, Rose decides she wants to help Robbie train for an upcoming swim competition.

Written and directed by Sophie Goodhart, My Blind Brother looks a tad like the kind of parody trailer you’d see in a movie intended to poke fun at lame rom-coms. But the excellent cast — which includes Zoe Kazan as Rose’s BFF — could very well elevate what seems like fairly bland material. Find out for yourself when the movie is released in theaters and On Demand on September 23.