‘Let the Right One In’ — Previously a Novel, Two Movies, and a Play — Gets Ordered as a TV Pilot


As exemplified in the following news, it should just be assumed from here on out that every single thing that gets announced has a history of being at least four other versions of itself. Since a novel, a Swedish movie, an American movie, and a play weren’t enough (and they were all varying degrees of totally good), Let the Right One In is now also becoming a television pilot. It hails from Criminal Minds and Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis (if there’s ever a crossover episode, it’d basically be Twilight!) and is an adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist novel, for TNT.

Variety announced the news, and they have a description of the story; it seems like, at least in the early stages in the season, it’s a pretty direct adaptation — it’s the same story as before, except now in Vermont. A young boy whose life is made miserable by school bullies meets a curious young girl — who just so happens to actually be an old vampire. Soon after, disappearances begin occurring around the town.

TNT ordered the pilot from Davis shortly after declaring a sixth season conclusion to Teen Wolf in 2017. Given the mood of the two movie adaptations — and the play — Let the Right One In could be sparse, subtle, and unlike any depiction of vampirism we’ve seen on television — even if we’ve already seen it in a book and across two movies. Could this be a first non-campy vampy TV series? Or will it just be the Vampire Diaries by way of something better?