Lena Dunham Announces Publication of Her Short Story Collection, ‘Best and Always’


Somehow between writing and directing and starring in Girls, creating a “feminist Mad Men“-type show for HBO, publishing the Lenny letter, releasing nonfiction, Tweeting her love of Rihanna, and angering the Internet, Lena Dunham still has time to make news like the following: Random House will soon be releasing her first fictional book.

In fact, Lena Dunham is so prolific in her endeavors that she was actually able to announce the news of her own book on her own media platform — the Lenny Letter, in which, on top of the news, she shared a short story that’ll be part of the book — which will be a collection of Dunham’s short stories, called Best and Always. Actually, she’s so prolific that she also happens to have started a Lenny imprint at Random House, the company that, as mentioned, is publishing the collection. The story she shared is called The Mechanic, and follows a 21-year-old woman into a relationship with a mechanic who apparently looks like this:

The story is also part of Lenny’s Summer fiction issue, which features work from fellow Lennite Jessica Grose, contributor Kaitlyn Green, and Jackie Thomas-Kennedy.

[Via Entertainment Weekly ]