Forget Ryan Lochte — The Funniest Thing About ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is the Presence of Rick Perry


Remember when Rick Perry was a serious Republican hope for president? Neither does Rick Perry, apparently, given that the man who was until 18 months ago the Governor of Texas, a position he held for 15 years, was today announced as one of the contestants on the 2016 edition of Dancing With the Stars .

It’s… well, even in a country whose love affair with celebrity culture shows no sign of abating, it’s quite the fall from grace. Perry joins professional swimmer/professional doofus Ryan Lochte, professional nostalgia act Vanilla Ice, professional professional Amber Rose, and a bunch of other people who are apparently famous for something or other in competing for the 2016 title of Person Who Has Done the Best Job Not Making an Arse of Themselves. Something tells us that such winner is unlikely to be Rick Perry, which makes the whole endeavor questionable at best. Then again, jumping from being a professional reality TV asshole to Presidential candidate worked out just fine for Donald Trump, so maybe Perry knows better than we do.