The 10 Best Showbiz References in ‘Difficult People’ Season 2, Episode 9


In Difficult People, the Hulu original series created by Julie Klausner — who stars alongside Billy Eichner — Julie and Billy play a couple of jaded New York City comedians who worship at the altar of celebrity. The show’s bread and butter are its biting allusions to the business we call show.

We’ve compiled the 10 best showbiz references from the ninth episode of Season 2, streaming on Hulu as of today.

1. “I’ve got to go, I have an audition.” – Billy “What for?” – Julie “It’s to play an animated beaver who teaches kids how to use the toilet using song and dance.” – Billy “Oh, I thought Hannibal was canceled.” – Julie

2. “I’m falling apart and I wasn’t even that good to begin with. Like Scandal.” – Billy

3. “Meow, who recast Reservoir Dogs and where do I sent a thank-you note?” – Julie “Oh yeah, those are the Ten Tens.” – Billy “What?” – Julie “The Ten Tens, it’s that group of super-hot gay guys who go to parties that become orgies and orgies that become parties.” – Billy “Seriously? I’ll bet nobody in there has ever heard an episode of Serial. Heaven.” – Julie

4. “Oh my god, Billy, did I just become a model?!” – Julie “Yeah, I think so. You’ll be falling asleep listening to Leonardo DiCaprio talk about the environment in no time.” – Billy

5. “Who here hates choking?” –Marcie the CPR instructor (Kristen Bartlett) “Oh yeah, not for me. One time a guy asked me to put a belt around his neck and I was like, slow your roll, Al Pacino.” – Billy

6. “Are you guys paying attention?” – Marcie “Are you? Because we’re being lied to every day by our government, and you know what else? Steve Rannazzisi from The League — he really was in the World Trade Center that day. Don’t believe everything you read.” – Lola (Shakina Nayfack)

7. “I hope you’re not getting sick. I already lost Whitney Cummings to a nasty back rash.” – Christian Siriano “Oh no, I mixed Cipro with high-glucose cookies and diet pills.” – Julie “Ah, the Evangelista.” – Christian Siriano

8. “But you promise no one will see even a trace of my real face in this, right? Oddly enough, what Sylvester Stallone told his plastic surgeon before shooting Creed.” – Billy

9. “God Julie, you are sick. I brought you some ginger ale. Now let’s find the Hallmark channel so you can watch your Cedar Cove.” – Billy “Cedar Cove turns off the brain so the body can heal.” – Julie

10. “How do they go from animation to live, that doesn’t make any sense.” – Julie “Well, we learned when Scarlett Johansson recorded an album of Tom Waits covers that literally anything is possible.” – Billy