Alts, Ranked


Alt country Grandaddy’s Under the Western Freeway is one of the best albums of the 1990s, and I will fight you if you say otherwise. Also, mainstream country these days is so awful that “alt country” encompasses everything from Iron & Wine to Townes Van Zandt, i.e. pretty much everything that was good about country music in the first place.

Alternating current Without it, you wouldn’t be reading this excellent #content, and then where would you be, eh?

Altered Zones (RIP) Pitchfork’s experiment in blog aggregation was taken from us too soon, although it did rise from the ashes in the form of Ad Hoc, so maybe it’s for the best.

Alt-Tab Imagine a window-based operating system without it. Yep, that was Windows 2.0.

Alt rock Specifically the 1980s version, before the genre descriptor became so broad as to be entirely meaningless.

Alta Our Deputy Editor/Skiing Correspondent Sarah Seltzer describes Alta as follows: “A big mountain in Utah which bans snowboarders and has almost no resort area to speak of, its motto therefore holds true: ‘Alta is for skiiers.'”

Alt genres All 77,000 of them!

Altavista Forever to be remembered as better than Ask Jeeves but not as good as Google.

The “Alt” key Undermined by being called “Option” on Apple computers.

Alts, relevant or otherwise We do not miss Carles.

Alt Press Around since 1985 and all, but for at least the last decade it’s been to that awful emo/screamo/not-actually-punk-but-called-“punk” genre what Rolling Stone is to Bob Dylan.

Alt-J If you hit Alt-J on a Mac, you get the word “meh.” Possibly.

Alternative Nation Hey, if you were a teen in Australia in 1995, you almost certainly went to this hilarious shitshow. It rained all day. The guy from Live threw his guitar at the crowd. A friend of mine drank bongwater for a dare. Somehow Lou Reed played. They just don’t make festivals like this any more.

Alt lit I took some adderall. I stared at the computer screen. I wrote a tweet, then deleted it. I felt nothing. I took some more adderall. [ad infinitum]

Alter Bridge Worse than Creed, arguably, although really any such argument is an exercise in comparing varieties of shit sandwich.

The alt-right A fascist by any other name would still smell like these clowns, i.e. like aspartame and another dirty sock sacrificed to Pornhub.