A First Look at the Next Facebook Redesign


OK, so maybe people haven’t always been huge fans of Facebook redesigns. But if there’s one mantra that Mark Zuckerberg subscribes to it’s: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” So, with that, sources from the social networking giant have leaked photos of yet another attempt of propelling Facebook into the future while keeping the masses and their qualms at bay. Have they succeeded? Well, you tell us.

Here’s a look at a couple of screen captures of the new Facebook courtesy of GigaOM.

What can you expect? Here’s their rundown:

1. The navigation bar is reorganized, and thankfully, it seems like Facebook is removing the duplicate profile link. The name and profile links didn’t make much sense to begin with. 2. The search field is now next to the Facebook logo, a clear sign that the company wants search to play a major role in the future. Searches for brands, events, companies and celebrities will be more prominent. 3. By combining settings and login in an all-purpose “account” dropdown, Facebook is making the overall experience cleaner. 4. The sidebar is scaled down and takes a lot of cues from Facebook Lite. In fact, the new design takes inspiration from Facebook Lite in the way News Feed, Friends, Events and Photos are displayed. 5. Bookmarks is a smart way for users to add links to their favorite applications, fan pages or whatever. 6. Facebook IM is still firmly ensconced at the bottom right, but app quick links and notifications are gone.

So what do you think? Fan of the new Facebook? Or just hate it enough that you’ll complain to your friends but won’t actually stop using it? Because, hey, let’s face it, we’re all addicted.