Watch Rachel Bloom Channel Katharine Hepburn in her ‘Saturday Night Live’ Audition Tape


Before she was a Golden Globe-winning actress starring in her own TV show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Rachel Bloom was just another comic with a dream: To land a coveted spot on the cast of Saturday Night Live. After SNL tweeted out a call on Wednesday asking for suggestions on show should host the upcoming season, Bloom responded with a tweet of her own, teasing, “I could finally do the impression of Kate Hepburn auditioning for ‘Space Jam’ that was on my SNL audition tape!”

On Thursday, she went ahead and posted the video on her Twitter account, and it is, as promised, a video of Bloom auditioning for SNL…as Katharine Hepburn auditioning for the role of Bugs Bunny in the classic 1996 animated/live action movie Space Jam. Here’s hoping Bloom actually does end up hosting an episode of SNL this year!