The 10 Best Showbiz References in the ‘Difficult People’ Season 2 Finale


In Difficult People, the Hulu original series created by Julie Klausner — who stars alongside Billy Eichner — Julie and Billy play a couple of jaded New York City comedians who worship at the altar of celebrity. The show’s bread and butter are its biting allusions to the business we call show. We’ve compiled the 10 best showbiz references from the finale of Season 2, streaming on Hulu as of today.

1. “This is the first time since 2010 I haven’t been able to light a candle for my dad. And that was a tough year — we lost my dad and Mel Gibson said you can see Oksana’s pussy from behind.” – Billy

2. “This 14-year-old took a picture of a donut that she put on a rodent’s head and now she’s repped by CAA? Fuck this world!” – Julie

3. “Oh, are we talking about sewing our wild oats? Hey, you want to hear the story about the scar I got on Merv Griffin’s houseboat?” – Matthew (Cole Escola)

4. “I don’t care how many Tonys it won, the only thing more insufferable than Fun Home is riding in this car with you idiots!” – Julie

5. “Has anyone ever talked to you about optioning that essay?” – Sarah Nussbaum (Juliette Moore) “Well, sometimes when I take a bath I pretend my dogs are Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey and I pitch them.” – Julie

6. “You know that musical Fun Home? We’re making it into an online multi-platform game for Xbox.” – Sarah

7. “I don’t know what you want me to do. He’s moping around here like Tony Bennett during Gaga’s parts of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’” – Billy

8. “Julie, meet Fern Fujihara. She Snapchats food that she doesn’t eat that she balances on the forehead of her guinea pig, and she is going to be adapting your life story for the screen” – Sarah “You want me to write a screenplay with a 14-year-old?” – Julie “Oh, no, she’s gonna write it with Harvey. But don’t worry, she’s gonna write it in your voice.” – Sarah “She’s gonna write it in my voice? Who is she, Rich fucking Little?” – Julie

9. “This is so degrading. I bet this is what Kevin Spacey feels like when some hot young Latino guy doesn’t get his Jack Lemmon impression.” – Billy

10. “In those masterclass videos, did Kevin Spacey say anything about Robin Wright? Specifically, whether or not she keeps M&Ms in that hole she has in her collarbone?” – Julie “Oh yeah, she does, but she only eats them on her cheat day.” – Billy