Brie Larson Packs Heat as ’70s Gunslinger in “Free Fire” Trailer


What do you get when you put the acclaimed star of Room in an action/shoot-em-up flick with dudes sporting what appears to be a variety of accents from across the British Empire? Free Fire, whose trailer was released last night at the Toronto Film Festival. Ben Wheatley is the director, Martin Scorcese the executive producer, and “When everyone has a gun, no one is in control,” is the tagline.

According to Variety , Free Fire “centers around an arms deal that goes spectacularly and explosively wrong. Larson portrays a woman who has brokered a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two Irishmen and a gang selling them a stash of guns. But when shots are fired during the handover, complete pandemonium ensues.”

Get ’em girl!