13 Photos of Karl Lagerfeld Making Ordinary Things Look Badass


Happy birthday to fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has been making the ordinary extraordinary since he became an international sensation during the early 1980s. No one else can make a ponytail, black sunglasses, and starched collar look as fabulous as Karl, who still does normal things when he isn’t overseeing the fashions of house Fendi, Chanel, and his own label. He just makes those things look more badass than we possibly ever could.

Lagerfeld mermaid mankini.

Tube socks and gym shorts just got a whole lot sassier.

The Golden Arches shine bright in Karl’s presence.

Karl’s Sunday paper is delivered with supermodels.

Just a bronzed god drinking a Coke.

Making a list the dapper way.

Wears his sunglasses at night and in the shower.

Facebook status: you wish.


Yves Saint Laurent’s fan flare: 0. Karl’s: 1,000,000.

A mere tote bag becomes a self-aware objet d’art in Karl’s hands.

A tall drink of water.

Captured in the wilds of the grocery store.