Somehow, ’50 Shades Darker’ Hype Begins: Here’s a Teaser Trailer…for the Trailer


50 Shades of Grey-the-movie was appallingly boring, which is odd for a mid-budget movie about vanilla BDSM — which everyone thought, at worst, would be wonderfully terrible. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film garnered 25% — yet at the worldwide box office, it received approximately $570 million (the movie’s budget was $40 million), and you know the inevitable end to that formula: sequels, always, forever! The books are a trilogy, and the films will be, too (unless they figure out a way to make them go on longer). And they’re currently starting to hype the second film by releasing, yes, a teaser trailer for the trailer, which itself will be released tomorrow. For something like Star Wars, that makes some sense, but for films in which the greatest emotional/physical action comes from two actors who don’t seem to be enjoying this aspect of their careers hiding their apathy as they clutch riding crops and tie blindfolds, it all feels a little flaccid — sure, fine, pun intended.

Here’s the teaser for the trailer featuring, in order: fireworks, shoes, a mask, Jamie Dornan saying “intrigued” in seductive-voice, then Dakota Johnson in aforementioned mask, “intrigued”:

And here’s a poster: