Here’s the ’50 Shades Darker’ Trailer, in All its Familiar Shades


“Forget the past and slip into something a shade darker,” suggests the very mildly innuendoing first full trailer for 50 Shades Darker (which itself was teased yesterday, and is now here in all its shades of silly). The film, as the trailer is sure to note right away, will be released right around a certain very romantic date, on February 10, 2017; so if you’re looking to bore your partner this coming Valentine’s Day, you can now plan very far in advance.

There’s also a new cover of the same song they used in the first film — instead of Beyoncé singing “Crazy in Love,” Miguel performs the track here. (It’s honestly the most seductive part of the trailer.) And similarly, everything else is the same (Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return)…but different (Kim Basinger joins the cast). Now, instead of the eroticization of the office space/apartment as the main milieu we also have a masquerade ball that looks very central, and from what it looks like, a light action movie plot stemming from whatever goes on there. (There are some jealous and stalker-y people from Christian Grey’s sexual past in this film, and they’re haunting Anastasia Steele, who of course, once again, finds herself bound literally and figuratively to the insipidly Mysterious and Troubled Grey.)

Watch the trailer: