Listen to Wiz Khalifa’s New ‘Stranger Things’ Score-Sampling Track


Wiz Khalifa has released a new track whose chorus is about strangers and stranger danger (and thus generally, alienation), whose title is “Stranger Things,” and which, yes, samples the score of Stranger Things (by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein), the hit TV series about a gaggle of small-town dwellers in the ’80s seeking their friend/son/etc. who’s been kidnapped by a monster and taken to an alternate realm called the Upside Down. (The opening line of the track — “Wake up and bake” — asserts that this is very much a Khalifa track and uses Stranger Things more for stylistic flair; the flair works!)

The track features J.R. Donato (who’s also signed to Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Entertainment label), as does the art that Khalifa tweeted in conjunction with the release:

Listen to “Stranger Things”: