Sia is Writing Music for a Pop Star Drama Starring Rooney Mara


Well, this is appropriate. Sia is writing a group of songs to soundtrack a new film about a pop star, who will be played by Rooney Mara. Let the Britney comparisons commence (or Xtina? Or Rihanna?)!

Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Vox Lux will be a 15-year odyssey, taking place from 1999 to present day, and will track the rise of singer Celeste to superstardom while looking at the major cultural evolutions of the 21st century through her eyes.”

The director will be former child actor Brady Corbett, in one of his first helmed projects. As an older millennial who came of age just as the Backstreet Boys, Britney, et. al first came on the scene and replaced “alternative” music, I’m excited. Music movies are either amazing or so amazingly terrible that they spawn the best parodies ever.

Either way, it’s time the millennium’s pop phenomena got a film of their own.