There’s No Need to Be ‘Insecure’ — Issa Rae’s Pilot Now Streaming


Insecure, HBO’s new comedy series created by Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl‘s Issa Rae, officially debuts on October 9. But by that point, the first episode will likely only be fresh to the non-chord-cutters, as the pilot (titled “Insecure as F**k”) is now available to stream on HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO on Demand (and presumably whatever other “HBO + non-descriptive word” may or may not exist).

The series’ first season — which comprises eight episodes — follows Rae’s character, Issa, and her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji). Both struggle with insecurity in somewhat oppositional ways: Rae is insecure about her job at a nonprofit and her long-term relationship, while Molly is a corporate lawyer who’s financially secure but searching for something more in her personal life.

Rae recently told the Wall Street Journal, “[The] definitions of blackness people think are true for everyone…just aren’t. People group us together in terms of how we vote and how to market to us.” The series’ depicts its two leads as they continue to discover what black femininity, in all its multitudes, means to them, and how to avoid getting bogged down by the monolith of mainstream societal perception.

Watch Rae’s YouTube statement, and head over to HBO to watch the advance premiere: