Watch: Fiona Apple and Andrew Bird Share 30-Minute Duet Concert


If you got excited about Fiona Apple and Andrew Bird’s duet track, “Left-Handed Kisses,” there’s something a lot bigger — approximately 10 times bigger, minutes-wise, at least — to get excited about. Bird just released his newest “Live From the Great Room” concert on Facebook (spotted on Pitchfork), and this collaboration features Bird and Apple performing tracks by each artist, as well as a cover, a standard, and a new piece, for over 30 minutes.

“I somehow managed to convince Fiona Apple to come back for one more,” says Bird, introducing the concert.

“It’s fun because I like our rapport… you said ‘rapport’ yesterday otherwise I wouldn’t have used that word,” replies Fiona Apple (there’s a lot more banter throughout this thing), before they launch into her The Idler Wheel… track, “Werewolf,” with Bird playing violin and Apple singing.

They follow that song up with an Andrew Bird track — “Why?” — and then share something entirely new with listeners/viewers. The fresh track is called “Railroad Sam and Slingshot Sue,” and apparently it was co-written with a 5-year-old; then comes “Slow Boat to China” (the 1948 standard by Frank Loesser), then a cover of “Oh, Sister” (from Bob Dylan’s Desire.)

Watch the concert:

Watch the music video for Left Handed Kisses: