Solange Announces 21-Track LP ‘A Seat at the Table’ — Featuring Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne, Dev Hynes, and Kelela


Through her time supporting/spreading word about other artists through her website Saint Heron, it’s been hard not to anticipate the perhaps nonexistent (until today), seemingly perennially unannounced (again, until today) follow-up to Solange Knowles’s incredibly popular, “Losing You”-featuring 2012 EP, True. Yeah, today, there’s something very concrete to anticipate, and by Friday you’ll be able to stop anticipating, as a release is indeed that imminent. Solange announced she’ll be releasing a 21-track LP which, from the album’s title (A Seat at the Table) and track names (and lyrics, which have seemingly been released), reveal it to be deeply in keeping with Solange’s interest in black empowerment and political/authorial focus on quashing American racism.

Solange announced the news on Instagram:

As Solange mentions in the post, the digital book for the album has indeed been shared — it’s here —complete with pages devoted to what look to be the lyrics of each track. She also posted the track listing to Instagram:

You’ll note, of course, that this page reveals collaborations with the likes of Kelela, Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland, and Dev Hynes (who worked on True, and, following a dispute on Twitter, now seems to be on great terms with Solange, at least artistically).

For old times’ sake: